Delivering specialised and innovative services around the world.




Forging strategic alliances

& business relationships.

Corporate Overview

Mission Statement

To own, operate ships and engage in shipping and related synergistic activities consistent with our aspiration to be a reputable, profitable and a company excelling to international standards and upholding universal values in business practice.

Corporate Values

  • To Uphold the principle that the needs and interests of the clients always come first.
  • To Maintain a strong tradition and culture of excellence in our work by adopting standards and services that are hall-marks of professionalism.
  • To Adopt a strategic partnership approach with our clients and business associates that rewards all in an open, equitable and in a forthright manner.
  • To Ensure sustainability of the Company by constantly looking for opportunities and business activities that are viable and synchronistic with our core competencies.
  • To Promote good corporate citizenry and contribute towards fulfillment of national objectives and aspirations in the making of a maritime Malaysia

Corporate Goals

  • To insure financial sustainability and stability in the performance of the Company
  • To ensure good shareholders’ value and stable returns on investment
  • To constantly seek to enhance staff skill, expertise, professionalism and motivation
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